A Novel

The “Sand Sea” was an endless sight.

For some men of lessor spirit, it could cause them to lose the mind way. Though for most t’was life itself. As far as the eye could see, there was only the great sand sea. It had always been their way. Forever in movement were the families on the great land ships. For to stop, was to sink, starve and die. Once every 5 revolutions, the great vessels circled the one solid land mass for the families gathering. It was there that friendships were forged and renewed. Where marriages to the young and fair were sought and arranged. It was a time of celebration.

Let it also be known that metal was the most precious commodity of the sand seas families. With the only  source being monstrous meteor that made up the core if the island known as Patagonia Cretaceonia. There existed no natural solid ground on planetary body, only the endless sand sea. With blessing or a curse barely remembered by the families, many many revolutions before a mega meteor plunged into the atmosphere. Burning its way down through the atmosphere, it plunged into the sand sea in a mighty plume. Explosively entering the great sand, melting and burning through the sand until over half of its mass lie beneath the sand. This is how the island of Cretaceonia came to be.

Within the great sand seas a man might walk on it surface with great broad soled foot a cubit extended from the outside of the soled foot  as long as he kept moving. However, the moment a lad might stop, he would then immediately begin to sink into the bottomless sand sea. Many a lad had perished with a dare or bet swallowed by the tides of the sand seas. So move with you and move you must or die in its sunless reaches.


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