Chapter 1

The underlying hum of the of the massive sealed power drive system under road all things aboard the land ship. No matter where about the ship one rode, the underlying hum were there. A comforting sound of movement. For movement was life on the great sand seas. The extended family aboard her were packed into about every space. Not a single cubit of deck space did not have something or someone in it. This and the family gathering was soon to come. With the gathering daughters and sons might be married and depart onto another vessel.

So many souls aboard. Only so many souls could the great land ships support with sustenance before the old or infirm would be forced to take the long walk. Great sadness at a time when there should gathering happiness he thought. Sixty nights and again the families would gather. The sounds of singing. The sounds of hammering on steel. The sounds of joy. Sons and daughters married and joining the families. Movement ever movement apron the sand sea. This was our lot thought Jonah.

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