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Car Wash

Posted: December 6, 2012 by ebtherabbit in Background, Story
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EB sat in his cobalt blue Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac as the automated car wash scrubbed the dust and dirt that the Vegas desert regularly deposited on it. His thoughts wandered as they are want to do.

That familiar feeling of emptiness echoed within his chest.

EB-Cadillac-NOIR-V1-It had been a rough couple weeks and the body count had been high. EB didn’t like the feel of shifting sand under his feet. Mostly he preferred solid ground like most rabbits. His heart ached for the loss of Candy and her Dad. Some thing’s just come to a bad end no matter what you do thought EB.

As the car washed ended so did his thoughts. EB pulled out an Arturo Fuentes Hemingway, struck a match to light it and took a long pull from the cigar. “I am not worthy to receive you” said EB smoke trickling out of his mouth with the words and he drove away…