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The dirty Ethiopian…

Posted: November 7, 2012 by ebtherabbit in Story
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The dirty Ethiopian sat in a chair with bloody knife in his hand. He never like to be very far from it. Sometimes it even seemed to speak to him. To tell him things. His head felt buzzy and strange when that happened. But “THE RAGE” was always with him. It never went away. Like the beating of his measly small heart, “THE RAGE” was ever near. When he killed it felt better. It didn’t go away entirely, but seemed satiated at least for a short time. Then the pressure would build again.

Sitting in the kitchenette of a cheap no tell motel on the wrong side of the tracks in Vegas, the dirty Ethiopian picked at his long dirty fingernails, flicking bits of smelly detritus away from him. His pants were sweaty smelling, stained with urine and blood. His once striped shirt was now a dark shadow of itself much like him. There was a lot to dislike about the dirty Ethiopian.

Laying on the floor at his feet, was a bloodied dirty girl. Her hand and feet were bound and a gag tight across her mouth. She trembled in fear, her eye darting, seeking help. The dirty Ethiopian picked her up on a dirty corner in Vegas knowing the cheap tart would come with him easily if he displayed the right amount of cash. Now she lay on the floor, fear in her eyes of whatever this sick bastard was going to do to her. Her eyes kept traveling back to the knife. She tried hard not to look, but it was mesmerizing. A worn shiny steel blade with just a hint of blood worming into the pommel. She knew not to try to cry out as the dirty Ethiopian had used his fists on her the last time she had tried. Her name was Candy and like most young hookers new to the life, she was trying to make a go of it on her own. Only this had gone wrong.

The dirty Ethiopian stood up suddenly. Shoving his knife into a scabbard in the small of his back, he grabbed Candy by the hair and dragged her back into the bedroom. There he tied her to the bedpost and made sure the gag was tight. Gripping her face in his dirty hand he said “I will be back for you”. Candy struggled to pull away as he held her more tightly. “Easy” the dirty Ethiopian said, “I don’t want to waste the fun on you now”. The dirty Ethiopian slapped her face hard and stepping with small effeminate steps, moved away and out the door. Candy breathing hard listened for the sounds of the dirty Ethiopian. Pulling the gag further into her mouth, panic racing in her heart, she chewed hard on the cloth gag. As all cloth does when wet, it began to fray and give. Soon she could push her tongue through a small hole in it. Candy knew that if she was still tied up on this bed when the dirty Ethiopian returned, she would be raped and tortured until dead. Although scared, Candy was tougher than she looked. The gag fraying, she could finally move her jaw enough to slip it off her chin. She immediately began chewing at the thin “rope” the dirty Ethiopian had used to tie her up. It was more like a cheap clothesline cord you could buy in a “five and dime” store. Chewy hard the cord began to fray. Candy pulled hard at it as she chewed.

Suddenly the cord snapped. Candy stretched and reached for the phone that was just within reach. She thought to call the police but knew that they would never believe her and think that this was just another trick gone bad.  As she reached, she knocked the phone book beside it onto the floor. As the phone book hit the floor it fell open. The page had a large Rabbit in black and white print. Startled, she read the caption below it. “Problems? Solutions! EB the Rabbit 702-555-1212. Trembling, Candy dialed with her free hand the number. The phone answered almost at once. “EB speaking” the voice answered. Now feeling even more panicked that the dirty Ethiopian would come back, she blurted out. “Help! I am tied up at a motel with this creep who’s is going kill me. He’ll be back soon… You’ve got to help me” said Candy breathing hard and trying not to cry.  “Stay on the phone doll” said EB, I’ve got your number on my cell tracking and from that the address and am driving toward you now. Candy could hardly hold it back “I’m scared, he’s a horrible stinking monster” she said.

EB kept her on the phone talking to her, drawing her out. “He is short, fat and stinks like a two weeks rotted cottage cheese” she said. EB felt a little up tick with this. “Did he say anything to you? Anything at all?” asked EB. Candy starting to feel less panicked speaking with EB said ” Yes, something about not wanting to spoil all the fun”. Hear that, EB pressed down harder on the accelerator of his big blue Cadillac. He was less than three minutes away and urged the big Cadillac forward even faster. “Hang on” EB said. “I ‘m almost there. If he returns, don’t look at him, speak to him or do anything else to provoke him” said EB. Candy replied “Ok, just get here!!!”

EB screeched into the parking lot of the no tell motel. Leaping from the big Caddy, the engine not even stopped yet, he ran forward. Weapon drawn, EB started to call out her name. Quietly he called out “Candy, where are you? Sing if you can hear me.” Candy belted out “Let the Skyfall… at Skyfall…“. EB kicked in the door weapon tracking left and right searching for Candy. Hearing “We will stand tall and face it all together…” coming from the bedroom, EB found Candy crying.

EB quickly pull “sweety” his 14 inch blade from his leg scabbard, sliced through the ropes and freed her. Leaping toward him with gratitude, she hugged him fiercely. Pulling her back, EB told her to whisper, he could be coming back.

EB and Candy stayed crouched down for a few moments, when EB realized in his haste, the big blue Caddy was right out from telling all the world (or at least Vegas) that EB was haunting this no tell motel. EB chuckled thinking “Oogh” my reputation… EB help Candy to her feet and said “Come with me. This is no place for a lady”. Candy unsteadily walked out the door with EB holding on to her. He seated her in the big blue Cadillac and then sat down in the driver’s seat. EB pulling out of the driveway of the no tell motel asked Candy ” Do you have a place to stay? I’ve got an extra room at my place with a bath. You can clean up there and rest safely”. Candy nodded feeling unsure that she could stop the tears that were starting to flow into her eyes. “Thank you” she said. Taking a puff on his still smoldering cigar, he answered ” What a rabbit to do? Can’t leave a damsel in distress”.

EB winked at her and pressed down the accelerator.

As he went past a gas station a few miles away, the dirty Ethiopian looked up from the body with a fresh pool of the blood growing on the floor around it. Wiping the blood from his knife on his pants and noted Candy riding the deep blue Cadillac and felt “THE RAGE” grow…