Home Depot wasn’t just another hardware / lumber store for him. It was the beginning of his life’s epic. Of a larger set than this life’s existence. And it all started with an axe at Home Depot.

Going down the tool isle looking for a flat bastard file, he spotted them out of the corner of his eye. An Estwing beauty made from a single peace of solid American steel, a 16 inch shaft with shock absorbing handle. This Axe was truly a thing of beauty.
It felt good in his hand like they were made for one another. Which as fate would have it, they probably were.
He walked through the store the axe in his right hand feeling the glory of it heft. Other customers looked at him as he walked by with trepidation. This axe was a symbol of power that Sam felt. He enjoyed the fear that the others exuded as he walked by. Walking out to his truck, he justified his purchase to himself thinking that this was perchance the perfect zombie killing weapon. It could be used single handed, double handed, thrown if required and virtually unbreakable.
His name was Sam, he was an IT guy at a hospital and his somewhat dull life was about to change.


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