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Dr Office

Posted: April 27, 2013 by ebtherabbit in Background, EB, Story
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EB sat waiting for his appointment to begin. It was always a wait when you went to the doctor. He sat feeling naked without his weapon. The door to the hallway opened quietly. In walked Nancy a rehabilitation nurse consultant in a figure hugging black dress and black frame glasses. Classy and confident, she entered and sat awaiting her patient’s arrival . Across the room EB noted a tall rough cut man and a short unattractive women speaking loudly to each other. They seemed to be actively discussing very little while irritating the rest of the waiting patients.

EB looked up as Nancy’s phone rang. Nancy sat quietly in a chair, setting up appointments for the following week. Her voice was a pleasant sound that drifted across the small crowded waiting room. It made her seem much more attractive than she would have been otherwise.

Nancy discussed home modifications with a contractor as she waited for another patient to show up for her appointment.
EB thought to himself that her discussion was only passingly interesting, because had he been wearing his weapon, he might have terminated it in a loud and throughly satisfying way. It was EB’s way. Quick, loud and to the point.

Like a bullet.

Aggravation, impatience and apathy continued to greeted each person as they entered the waiting room. To EB, the craving of silence or at least the sweet taste of a 9mm bullet was desirable above all else.

The undesirably loud  rough cut man left the room and gave the patients left that deliciously desired quiet (minus the 9mm bullet). At that point only rehab nurse Nancy continued to speak softly to a contractor on her phone. Eventually she hung up, perhaps becoming aware that others in the room might be listening to her languid conversation.
Unfortunately, Nancy chose to dial another number breaking the calm silence that had settled on the room. Into the phone she began to speak spanish. Her words indicating she was speaking to her daughter.

EB  sat observing the information leaking out of the people in the room. To him is felt more like information being vomited onto everyone sitting in the waiting room. The room stank of desperation and bile.

In the Cadillac on his ride home, EB’s mind drifted as he thought about what a waste it was to become educated and experienced only to die. An individual’s tremendous efforts and a large part of their life thrown away after a fairly short time. Perhaps he thought, this could be an argument for reincarnation.

Then again, maybe not…