Grocery Store

Posted: November 16, 2012 by ebtherabbit in Background, Story
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EB stood in line at the grocery store. In line ahead of him, stood three people at the cash register. EB stood with vegetables in his basket and boredom in his mind. EB casually scanned his surroundings as he stood in line. He noted the lazy lilt of the of the boy bagging groceries. The down trodden women ahead of him paying for her few groceries that she could afford. The universe spun around never noticing EB as he finally approached the cashier. As the pretty black cashier began to ring up his groceries, EB again scanned around his environment.

It was then that he noted their entry. Large and mottled green skin they stood out like a pink polka dot beach ball at a wedding. Mucus dripped from visual sensor orbs. These creatures didn’t really have eyes. Just eight stalks that served as sensory organs. The aliens thrived on fresh meat EB thought. Most likely the reason they came to this market, maybe.

They walked along in that strange shuffling gate that always left EB feeling a bit uneasy. The aliens wore rough robes that cover their the sweaty naked bodies. As they advanced toward the cashier’s office where the store safe was, EB began to be concerned. His hand automatically started drawing his weapon before he was conscious of it. EB moved with cat-like pre-reflexes that were too fast to see with the naked eye. As his Beretta tracked around to the Aliens, EB observed the Aliens pulling weapons from beneath their robes.

The world slowed down. As the Aliens drew their weapons they slow almost to a stop. EB’s Beretta tracked the Aliens and his finger tightened on the trigger. The weapon fired  the slide racking back, slamming another shell into the chamber. EB fired 3 rounds into the first Alien. It’s large body smash backward with a spray of purple blood and viscera. Aliens screams of agony filled the air. Twisting to his right EB fired another three rounds into the remaining alien.  Smoke trailed from EB’s weapon as he dropped his weapon down to his side.

Stabbing his weapon back into his shoulder holster, EB pickup his groceries and headed out of the store…

  1. HellKitten says:

    I really enjoy how going to the grocery store for EB is like going to the shooting range. From a one-shot story perspective, it makes me cackle.

    This rabbit must buy so much ammo. I love the cat-like pre-reflexes. I can see it. I also like your description of the clothing (sweaty naked bodies!) and the way they walk.

    I’d love a picture of the aliens….

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