Surrounded! Part Duex…

Posted: November 7, 2012 by ebtherabbit in Story
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Time slowed as EB’s finger pressed against the trigger. The slide racked back as the bullet escaped the barrel, traveling at 950 feet per second toward his intended victim. The malicious thug was raising his weapon toward EB as the bullet struck his forehead shearing of the top of his head, splattering brain matter against the wall behind him. His head smacked against the wall with a solid crack and slid down the wall.  EB swung his weapon toward another perp as a bullet struck beside him, small pieces of concrete striking his face. EB weapon discharge a three round grouping into the chest of the oversized thug bent on his destruction. The bullets slapping with a meaty sound as the penetrated the thugs chest, breaking through his ribs, pulverizing his lungs, damaging his heart before exiting he back of his chest and into the neck of a shorter walking piece of barely human excrement.

EB could see a malodorous mob of subhuman thugs loping towards him. EB backed up and looked for an exit, while firing another round into the mob. Spying a door, further down the darkened hallway, EB dashed towards it. He ran into the darkness and kicked the door shut. A shotgun rang out striking the door with buckshot as EB fastened the old-fashioned bolt across it. “Thank God for thick oak doors” thought EB.

He pushed back into the room looking for an escape from the mob of thugs the dirty Ethiopian had sent for him. The room appeared to be a workshop of sorts and there wasn’t a window or door in sight. EB ejected the clip from his weapon and slammed home another one. Outside in the hall, the thugs on a hallucinogenic rampage snorted more of the drug the Ethiopian had paid them with. A large man with a rag tied over his head steadily hammered away with his boulder sized fists at the door, screaming obscenities. EB stepped up to the door, placed the barrel of his weapon in the peephole and fired. The bullet exited the peep-hole in the door striking the large man with a rag on his head in his throat. Ripping out his larynx and slicing cleaning through his carotid artery. The bullet then passed through another member of the mob killing him. So out of his mind on dope, he didn’t even realize he was dead as he died.

EB knew that time was running out and he would need a “Deus Ex Machina” soon to get out of this fix. Stay tuned fellow travelers of this dark path, a rabbit this way comes…

EB frantically looked around the room for something he could use. Against one wall was a stack of cinder blocks, some rope, a five gallon can of gasoline and an ancient reloader. EB quickly moved the cinder blocks to make a stacked brick wall  a few feet back from the oak door. He placed the five gallon gasoline container in from of the wall. Sloshing it about, EB determined it was approximately half full. “Perfect” EB thought. He then disassembled the reloader and scraped the leftover gun powder out onto the floor. Making a trail back away from the wall. EB pulled out his knife “sweety” and stabbed it into the gasoline container. “Sorry sweety” EB mumbled as the gas began to dribble out onto the floor and wet the beginning of the gun powder trail.

As EB edged over to the door, he realized that the thug mob was slowing down a bit.  The drugs in their systems were burning out. “Perfect” EB whispered to no one in particular. EB grabbed the bolt on the door, threw it back and fired his weapon in the direction of the thugs. He heard the meaty slap of a bullet wound in progress and ran behind the wall. As the thugs woke up to the fact that the door was open, they ran screaming in the door. As the first thug slammed into the cinder block brick wall bloodying himself, EB lit the gun powder trail with his cigar.

EB closed his eyes as the gun powder flashed down the line blinding the thugs. Then the real fun began. The leaking gasoline contain lit and a pico second later exploded. Three of the thugs were literally blown apart as the one behind them were immolating, screaming and begging for mercy. EB granted the last of the thugs mercy with a 40 cal. sw round. Not that they would have done the same.

As the fire died down, EB slunk past the burned and destroyed husks of former humanity. Not that they were much human. They had lost these traits long ago when they developed their habit and joined into the thug life. No, EB thought, they were just more casualties of the dirty Ethiopian. His nasty evil plans thwarted for the moment, the dirty Ethiopian had long gone away to plan more acts of terror.

As EB walked away out into the daylight, he took a long hit from his cigar, blew out the smoke and wondering why.

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