Posted: November 2, 2012 by ebtherabbit in Story
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EB ‘s head surfaced above the flood water in the tunnel. He didn’t clearly remember falling into the water, but the fact that he was treading water confirmed in it his mind. Darkness surrounded him and the waters swirling current threatened to drag him further down the tunnel. Off in the distance, he could just hear a radio playing Adele’s Skyfall. In the distance and echoing, it seemed ethereal to EB. Pausing to make sure his weapon was still firmly strapped in its holster, EB then started to swim towards the music. In the darkness, he couldn’t determine where else to go. As he began to swim slowly in the dark of the tunnel, his thoughts began to drift.

As his thoughts drifted time seemed to suspend and EB was forever swimming in the darkness. Feeling the heat being stolen from his body,  EB could only continue to push toward the music in the distance. After an indeterminate time of swimming, EB bumped into a railing. Grabbing it like a drunken sailor, EB felt the relief of a gallows reprieve. EB pulled himself along the railing until he felt steps in the dark. The music was louder now.

Let the Skyfall… at Skyfall…

As EB pulled himself up the stairs, he glimpsed a faint light in the distance. He began to feel a bit of hope in his chest. The day wasn’t over yet and he still could still make it out of this alive.

We will stand tall and face it all together…

Pulling his weapon from it holster, EB advanced into the darkness. The pads of his feet made a quiet sound as he made his way through the dark passageway. As EB advanced forward, he realized the song was repeating itself. EB pondered this as he paused for a moment to field strip his weapon, dry and lube it. Pulling the slide back to jack a 40 cal SW round into the chamber, EB felt that familiar and comforting weight in hand. EB pull a stoggie from his watertight rucksack that he had the clear sense to strap to his back. Dry rounds in his weapon, an Arturo Fuentes cigar lit and clamped between his teeth, EB began to advance again once again…

  1. HellKitten says:

    I officially know EB’s favorite song.

    Cigars make accidental wetness all better. This is a fact of life.

    I would love to see how he got there. You captured the darkness and the spark of hope at the end quite well. Can’t wait to see more!

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