Banking on me

Posted: October 27, 2012 by ebtherabbit in Story
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EB walked through the door of the bank feeling that old sinking feeling. Like the government it served, it was swirling cesspool of Bureaucracy. He walked up to the counter to be greeted by an extraordinarily beautiful women, who happened to be a teller.

How can I help you today sir? She asked. EB looked at her and said “you already are” She was striking in a way that caused EB’s heart to flutter. He wanted to look away but couldn’t.

He finally said “I need to withdraw $1200”. She looked at him, without smiling, her beautiful eyes looking strait through him. EB noted that her hair was straight and dark brown, her features delicate and her name was Tracy.

Tracy began to type furiously at the terminal in front of her. As her fingers flew, EB wondered what in the name of Christ she could be doing. After a few moments, she stopped, printed a receipt and counted out twelve hundred dollars for EB.

Tracy handed EB the cash. EB looked at her, drawing in her beauty like a sweet perfume and said “thank you”.
She looked at the six foot three inch rabbit, wearing a brown fedora, a brown leather flight jacket and Beretta 40 cal under his jacket and said “call me, my number is on the back of the receipt”. She then smiled, winked and walked away.

“Hmm” though EB.

EB the Rabbit

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