EB the Rabbit

Posted: October 26, 2012 by ebtherabbit in Background

Hello potential friends.
My name is EB and I am a Rabbit. You can find me on twitter at @EBtheRabbit.

A private investigator by trade in the beautiful city on Las Vegas (recently tarnished by a certain presidents visit – but after all this is sin city, where else would he go?).

This is a blog of what has happened and is happening. Forgive my seeming lack of social skills (as a Rabbit goes, I’m not half bad) and lack of correct grammar. It is my story and it shall be told. Thank you for tuning in, stepping up and just plain giving a damn.

“The night is dark and an evil nearby lurks. Search not for it’s passage, but hide gamely in the shadows and wait for it pass. When it does, gird yourself and strike! For this evil seeks sweet relief from the hideous hidden pain that infects it’s dark soul…”

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